My Name is Sam Wike
 and Helping ‘The Inner Dog’ is
How I Change Behavior

The overwhelming majority of my work is with what most people refer to as ‘aggressive’ dogs. The reality is that numerous studies have verified 98% of all ‘aggressive’ behavior is fear based.  

I know what it’s like to have fear. I spent 6 years in the Army and 20+ years as a police officer, the last 5 as a K9 officer. The work was rewarding but left a lot of scars and it’s a daily struggle to work past those challenges. Two of my three dogs have these very same challenges and it’s because of them that I’ve chosen to devote my work to these ‘special needs dogs’. Almost all of the dogs I work with have the same issue- fear based behavior.

Fear is a necessary trait for all species to have in order to survive but the dogs I work with have their fears because of what has happened to them living in the human world. Whether it’s because of neglect or abuse, a lack of positive socialization during their crucial stages of development, being subjected to hostile living environments or a result of bad breeding, their fears are deep rooted and don’t allow them to enjoy the quality of life we wish for all dogs to have. Whether it’s a person or a dog, fear is a basic emotion and we should first and foremost Respect the Fear.

These dogs are in our homes, shelters and rescues; they come in all breeds and sizes. Whether we see the behaviors as aggression or reactivity, separation anxiety or destructiveness when alone, hyper-vigilance or panic, these are still fear based behaviors and these dogs need our help. The help comes only in the form of force free, science based, positive reinforcement methods and techniques. The idea is to create not just a relationship, but a partnership; a mutually rewarding connection, a two way bond. I teach you how to understand the ways your dog communicates with you, how to recognize the fear and we work together to change fear by changing the perception, by making decisions that keep our dogs feeling safe, by supervising and managing their environment, by Building Trust, Teaching Skills, Changing Behavior and Enjoying the Partnership.

 Does Your Dog…

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, or your dog is exhibiting any other challenging behavior , please don’t wait any longer, don’t let it get worse, let’s bring peace to you and your dog:




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Build Trust   Teach Skills   Change Behavior   Enjoy the Partnership


Learning Shouldn't Hurt

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